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Monday, August 29, 2005

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution II and the First Day of Classes.

A lot has happened these past few days.

First let's talk about the more important things, ahmm by that of course I mean my car.

I first saw this particular car 3 weeks ago in a place called Naganohara. Mr. Joker(as in the picture down below) found it for me and it was a good price. When we arrived it was already 8pm but Hoshino-san was still up working on, to our surprise, his rally race car. Little did we know that Hoshino was in fact one of the top rally drivers in the Japan Rally Championship, and an Evolution(evo) fanatic. He was really shocked to see a gaijin like me to know so much about cars and was happy to stop his race-prep and talk with us. I only got to drive the car a little bit but by then I was pretty sure I would be buying this car.

Fast-forward to last Friday. Mr. Joker and I were scheduled to drive back up there for a true test drive, as Mr. Hoshino had finished the paperwork to make the car legal to drive. That morning, however, Hoshino called and told us he would over and save us the trip. That afternoon I test drove the car and the only words to describe the drive were, It's a beast.

For those that don't know the evo ii rs was the lightest of all the evolution models and in fact has an insanely high power/weight ratio. To put it into perspective it has more power than my s2000 and it weighs less. This is of course due to the massive turbocharger that the car comes with.

A car with a turbocharger is in reality like 2 different cars. If you want to go slow and take it easy you can, but if you give it some stick the car takes off like no other... needless to say we were all pretty scared the first time I floored the pedal.
ok enough yap about the car, here are more pics!!!

Now to the next big thing, it was the 1st day of class today!!!!

Let me tell you, I was really nervous as I didn't know how the kiddos would react to my lesson.
Thankfully, the kindergarten kids were fantastic as was the middle school 1st years. Those 3,4 and 5yo kids are like freaking ticks though. They grab a hold of you and will not let go. It was hard trying to move with 5 little kids holding on to your ankles giggling the whole time. not to mention how they all jumped me and then grabbed my wallet, cellphone, keys, and business cards then ran away screaming while throwing them ever which way. But they are so cute I couldn't help but forgive them.

ok for less important things, I did finally unpack all of my luggage after a full month of having them just sit in my living room.

That’s all for now

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'M RIIIIIIIIICH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

payday... is a very... good day

there is nothing like 3g's to help cool you off in this hot Japanese summer.

in other news since sunday i've enjoyed the company of 2 earthquakes and a massive super-typhoon.

also for those visitors who have been wondering why sumir hasn't been updating his blog, well because there really hasn't been anything worth posting...

okok if you really must know the most exciting thing I did this week was...

you see that?? That my friends is the 1st dinner I've ever made, yeah 1st real dinner, all from scratch. Isn't that something?(btw that is curry rice)

If this typhoon passes quickly then tommrow I'll be giving 2 speeches in front of all the students. Let me tell you this, if you think learning vocabulary is hard in another language then try learning 300 names, man sometimes the kids will say their name and I forget it instantly.

sigh.... i'm bored here. I wish I had some non-educational tv channels, I wish I was in the city, but wait!!!

TOMMOROW= LANCER EVOLUTION II DAY bwahahahha I hope the car will be in good condition so I can buy it.

konnichiwa (o^-^)b

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


8-1-05 1ST night in japan

Shinjuku street(aka the Lost in Translation street)

The view from the meeting room(the city goes well beyond the horizon)

Your host extrodinare lost in shinjuku gets the girl helping him find his way back to take a picture.

8-3-05 Off to Gunma!

Group B Gunma JETs nervously awaiting the start of the introduction cerimonies

Drinking party with Board of Education people and my pred.(L-R Old man Yuumoto, Mr Joker, Ann-Carrene)

This one is just for you Karen, this puppy at the tonkatsu shop where the drinking party was ran up and started stealing our food. That little punk.

8-4-05 1st Day of work
but 1st here are some picture of my house

You see that busy road? It's the reason why I wake up at 4am every day >=(

This is where I work, damn Azuma is a beautiful place =)

8-7-05 Azuma Summer Festival

Ahhh, ground golf, didn't I say Azuma is beautiful?

Ahh the prizes , you see that white wrapped gift? BM means biri maker(aka last place) and inside it is a bunch of trash bags.

Azuma festival before

...and Azuma Summer Festival after.

but in the end we were still able to see some sweet fireworks(fireworks in the mountains is a whole different experience guys, read RESONANCE)

8-8-05 - Present
ahhh Nissan Skyline GTR how much I wanted thee...

ehh I did get this sweet cell phone though

translation(alien registration card GET!!!!) you would be surprised how many more things I can do with this piece of plastic. But, I won't surprise ya.

Ok, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.



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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


wow, here I am sitting at my desk feeling very sleepy when all of a sudden my cell phone started to move and my green tea cup tipped over. all the blinds in the building were swaying back and forth. it was pretty cool, it feels like a giant massage chair. it was relaxing. only 3.0 richter. it would have been facking terrifying if it was any larger.

still alive,


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The Gunma JETs

Living in the country side means at then end of the day you don`t have much to do. Also the fact that I still do not have a car(though I will be buying one soon, but I`ll save this talk for a later post) means that I am stuck to my house most days after work. Thank god for the local JETs though, I guess they must be as bored as I am because they will drive 1-1.5hrs to meet up with each other.

All in all, the other JETs are pretty cool. At the Gunma State Orientation I actually met a person who has heard of Wolf Eyes, Slint, American Analogue Set, etc... For the timebeing I don`t have much to do during the weekdays but I finally have interweb at my house.

You know there was a time that I thought that 150kpbs was fast, and that was when we were stuck using 28.8kbps freaking 9 years ago. WTF this is the land of technology JAPAN and I can`t even use SKYPE to call home. ehhh sometimes I do wish I had requested urban placement. The boondocks are boring but I hope that changes when I get my sweet as CAR =P.

If I don`t get dragged into playing baseball tonight I`ll make one more post tonight and upload a slew of pictures that I took since I`ve been in nippon.

enough for now


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Monday, August 08, 2005

azuma summer festival

Saturday was the first free day I have had since 7-28. All I did was read some books, go out side for a bike ride, and then after a nice dinner I bought a cell phone. Japanese cell phones are insane. To really get an idea of what they are like just think if a computer that fits in the palm of your hand. I wanted to get a super-cool cell phone but that one was Japanese only. At the time I thought that I had better get a bilingual one because I would not be able to put new contacts into my phone but later I realized that all my cowokers are Japanese and would have showed me how to do that anyways. Oh well, I still like my new phone a lot.

Sunday I went to the Azuma summer festival. Now in my previous post I mentioned about having to play in a ``Grand`` Golf tournament with the Mayor being in my group. I arrived expecting to see many middle-aged business men ready to head over to the local golf course. To my surprise I was greeted by a lot of elderly. I was the youngest person there by a good 40years. Also, the ``Grand`` Golf course wasn’t all that grand as the golf balls were the size of tennis balls and the golf clubs where like cricket bats. While wandering around the course with the Mayor I noticed that what everyone was calling Grand Golf was actually GROUND golf. For a little lesson in Japanese they had been pronouncing GROUND as GU RA N DO, which to me sounded like GRAND. I told them that GU RA U N DO would be a better pronunciation but they didn’t seem to care. Anyway back to the Ground Golf tournament. I was in a nice group with the Mayor and by the end of the 18 hole I thought I did pretty well. Not that great but not horrible when compared to the rest of my group. Only after the scores were calculated I was dead Last. It wasn’t so bad as since I was in last place I got a special prize, which included a t-shirt of the azuma-mura ground golf tournament, hat, and mug.

The tournament ended at 2pm and the 1st activities of the festival started there after. It wasn’t that bad, mostly various things for kids ect... with a nice fireworks festival at the end. I walked around introduced myself to scores of people and students. Oh there is one thing about Azuma that is strange. There is a dearth of people who are 20-27 years old. At the festival there were 5 of us and that includes me. In azuma you are either a little kid or 40+, there is no middle ground. Most of the young people are my co-workers so I had a good time talking to them. They asked if I brought any Jack Daniels with me and I told them it would arrive soon. The festival was going great but by 5:30 it became very dark and windy, and by 6:00 it was raining like mad. all the tents, chairs, and even the stage were blown away. It was fun trying to run back to the main buildings while trying to dodge flying furniture. Most of the festival was to occur after 8:00 but that naturally cancelled. Most of the people ran away, but the festival organizers decided to wait until 8:00 to see if the rain would slow down enough for the fire works. Thankfully it did and the fireworks went off without a hitch.

Today I will have the interweb set up for my house so I should be able to upload all the pictures since I landed in Japan. Until then, matta-ne


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Thursday, August 04, 2005

i <3 gunma

Gunma is fantastic. It really is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been too. I really really wish I could upload the pictures I have taken but I dont have the internet set up at my house.

Speaking of the house... it's HUGE. I have so much space I dont know what to do with it. Right now its usually 90+ outside so I shut myself in the only room with an A/C. The night time is not so bad and since I am so high up it drop into the high 60s.

These past few days have been very hectic with meetings and then traveling all the way from Tokyo to Gunma. Since I arrived to Azuma I have done about 50 self-introductions in Japanese (they call `um jikoshyoukai)

The local JETs here are really cool as is my pred. The only problem with Azuma is that I have to drive every where. In Japan the legal blood alcohol limit is ZERO so not much drinking will happen once I get my car.

BTW Howard, the car leasing guy said he has a 2000 prelude in for only 140 a month. Sounds great!! but he did not have anything newer nor did he have any old skylines etc... Two of my co-workers have nissan Zs(350 and 2xx) and the guy with the 2xxZ races his a lot.

well I am starting to reach my limit for Japanese as i dont understand a lot of what they are trying to explain to me as I fill out various forms etc... I don`t think they understand me when I explain a lot of things either. I guess I have no choice but to crack open the old text-books and start studying.

The Azuma summer festival is this sunday and I am supposed compete in some sort of Golf competition with the Mayor. I suck at golf but the Mayor said even kids can do this(they call it Grand Golf, what the that means I dont know but it may just be Put-Put golf)

Well , tonight is the 1st night i`ll have to myself since I have arrived. I think when it cools down a bit I will get on my bike and ride around the village a bit.

Instead of putting pictures into old post I am going to make a giant picture thread and I will try to caption it as best as possible

That`s all for now,


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Monday, August 01, 2005


Shinjuku tonight.

It's going to be crazy. More pictures to come.

I went to this place called kabuki-cho, which is the notorious part of Shinjuku. But, it wasn't dangerous at all. The worst part of kabuki-cho was being accosted by transvestites.

Karen, I did find a really cool pet store with a alot of puppies. I tried to take a picture of them but was thrown out of the store by the owner.

While wandering around kabuki-cho I ended up at a natsu matsuri(summer festival). It was really cool to see all the taiko drums and decorations.

Tonight(8-2-05) is my last night in Tokyo. I will head off to middle of nowhere Japan tommorow morning.


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