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Monday, August 08, 2005

azuma summer festival

Saturday was the first free day I have had since 7-28. All I did was read some books, go out side for a bike ride, and then after a nice dinner I bought a cell phone. Japanese cell phones are insane. To really get an idea of what they are like just think if a computer that fits in the palm of your hand. I wanted to get a super-cool cell phone but that one was Japanese only. At the time I thought that I had better get a bilingual one because I would not be able to put new contacts into my phone but later I realized that all my cowokers are Japanese and would have showed me how to do that anyways. Oh well, I still like my new phone a lot.

Sunday I went to the Azuma summer festival. Now in my previous post I mentioned about having to play in a ``Grand`` Golf tournament with the Mayor being in my group. I arrived expecting to see many middle-aged business men ready to head over to the local golf course. To my surprise I was greeted by a lot of elderly. I was the youngest person there by a good 40years. Also, the ``Grand`` Golf course wasn’t all that grand as the golf balls were the size of tennis balls and the golf clubs where like cricket bats. While wandering around the course with the Mayor I noticed that what everyone was calling Grand Golf was actually GROUND golf. For a little lesson in Japanese they had been pronouncing GROUND as GU RA N DO, which to me sounded like GRAND. I told them that GU RA U N DO would be a better pronunciation but they didn’t seem to care. Anyway back to the Ground Golf tournament. I was in a nice group with the Mayor and by the end of the 18 hole I thought I did pretty well. Not that great but not horrible when compared to the rest of my group. Only after the scores were calculated I was dead Last. It wasn’t so bad as since I was in last place I got a special prize, which included a t-shirt of the azuma-mura ground golf tournament, hat, and mug.

The tournament ended at 2pm and the 1st activities of the festival started there after. It wasn’t that bad, mostly various things for kids ect... with a nice fireworks festival at the end. I walked around introduced myself to scores of people and students. Oh there is one thing about Azuma that is strange. There is a dearth of people who are 20-27 years old. At the festival there were 5 of us and that includes me. In azuma you are either a little kid or 40+, there is no middle ground. Most of the young people are my co-workers so I had a good time talking to them. They asked if I brought any Jack Daniels with me and I told them it would arrive soon. The festival was going great but by 5:30 it became very dark and windy, and by 6:00 it was raining like mad. all the tents, chairs, and even the stage were blown away. It was fun trying to run back to the main buildings while trying to dodge flying furniture. Most of the festival was to occur after 8:00 but that naturally cancelled. Most of the people ran away, but the festival organizers decided to wait until 8:00 to see if the rain would slow down enough for the fire works. Thankfully it did and the fireworks went off without a hitch.

Today I will have the interweb set up for my house so I should be able to upload all the pictures since I landed in Japan. Until then, matta-ne


Ground golf sounds lame. Was it like a mini-golf course, only with big golf balls? Or was it like full size, with 200+ yard holes?
It was serious mini golf sized. Although there were some long distnace ones(75yrds) and there were no cool obstacles either. all in all it was fun i had a score of 61, with 1st place at 32.

oh yeah you should see how serious they take it. Carbon fibre shafts, titanium weights. Polycarbonate golf balls, the works.

ground golf is serious business
Funny people, the Japanese.
japanese people are sure funny ,it seems your trip is turning very intresting.You should capture on video. sm
Sumir - I'm sorry I upset you. Come back!!
sumir, missing you already. so is the place ur living in azuma or gunma? or neither? i started a blog too cuz it seemed like a capital idea.
choice move there melody.

Azuma is the name of the city, and Gunma is the name of the State. So I live in both!
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