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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


wow, here I am sitting at my desk feeling very sleepy when all of a sudden my cell phone started to move and my green tea cup tipped over. all the blinds in the building were swaying back and forth. it was pretty cool, it feels like a giant massage chair. it was relaxing. only 3.0 richter. it would have been facking terrifying if it was any larger.

still alive,


Man, your posts are hilarious. If they can't understand your Japanese, I'm going to be "facked" when I go. Shyte.
haha, if you have had some back ground in Japanese you will pick it up real fast. In the 2 weeks ive been here I now have almost 80% of my conversations in japanese. This is going to change soon as classes will be starting in 1.5weeks
sumir ,we love to ob ur web page and mostly my side of family would check regularly and that means staying wee hours of night.i miss u lot life is boring and mundane.This few days are preview i have no idea what i am going to do when meera is at BU tk care love mumsie
Haha- that massage chair earthquake sounds awesome.
I'm glad you're okay! I got worried when I heard about the earthquake on the news last night, since I still don't really know what region of japan you are in.
I'm in Chicago now by the way...no excitement here yet though. :)
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