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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Gunma JETs

Living in the country side means at then end of the day you don`t have much to do. Also the fact that I still do not have a car(though I will be buying one soon, but I`ll save this talk for a later post) means that I am stuck to my house most days after work. Thank god for the local JETs though, I guess they must be as bored as I am because they will drive 1-1.5hrs to meet up with each other.

All in all, the other JETs are pretty cool. At the Gunma State Orientation I actually met a person who has heard of Wolf Eyes, Slint, American Analogue Set, etc... For the timebeing I don`t have much to do during the weekdays but I finally have interweb at my house.

You know there was a time that I thought that 150kpbs was fast, and that was when we were stuck using 28.8kbps freaking 9 years ago. WTF this is the land of technology JAPAN and I can`t even use SKYPE to call home. ehhh sometimes I do wish I had requested urban placement. The boondocks are boring but I hope that changes when I get my sweet as CAR =P.

If I don`t get dragged into playing baseball tonight I`ll make one more post tonight and upload a slew of pictures that I took since I`ve been in nippon.

enough for now


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