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Thursday, August 04, 2005

i <3 gunma

Gunma is fantastic. It really is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been too. I really really wish I could upload the pictures I have taken but I dont have the internet set up at my house.

Speaking of the house... it's HUGE. I have so much space I dont know what to do with it. Right now its usually 90+ outside so I shut myself in the only room with an A/C. The night time is not so bad and since I am so high up it drop into the high 60s.

These past few days have been very hectic with meetings and then traveling all the way from Tokyo to Gunma. Since I arrived to Azuma I have done about 50 self-introductions in Japanese (they call `um jikoshyoukai)

The local JETs here are really cool as is my pred. The only problem with Azuma is that I have to drive every where. In Japan the legal blood alcohol limit is ZERO so not much drinking will happen once I get my car.

BTW Howard, the car leasing guy said he has a 2000 prelude in for only 140 a month. Sounds great!! but he did not have anything newer nor did he have any old skylines etc... Two of my co-workers have nissan Zs(350 and 2xx) and the guy with the 2xxZ races his a lot.

well I am starting to reach my limit for Japanese as i dont understand a lot of what they are trying to explain to me as I fill out various forms etc... I don`t think they understand me when I explain a lot of things either. I guess I have no choice but to crack open the old text-books and start studying.

The Azuma summer festival is this sunday and I am supposed compete in some sort of Golf competition with the Mayor. I suck at golf but the Mayor said even kids can do this(they call it Grand Golf, what the that means I dont know but it may just be Put-Put golf)

Well , tonight is the 1st night i`ll have to myself since I have arrived. I think when it cools down a bit I will get on my bike and ride around the village a bit.

Instead of putting pictures into old post I am going to make a giant picture thread and I will try to caption it as best as possible

That`s all for now,


Cool! I'm glad to see you're keeping up with the blog. Get the Prelude, and race it, and kick those little kids' asses at Golf. Show them what Americans are made of!
sounds awesome. Also, I just got back to Louisville and found that I have 2 of your cds that I borrowed.
gg the Mayor - and take a picture
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