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Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'M RIIIIIIIIICH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

payday... is a very... good day

there is nothing like 3g's to help cool you off in this hot Japanese summer.

in other news since sunday i've enjoyed the company of 2 earthquakes and a massive super-typhoon.

also for those visitors who have been wondering why sumir hasn't been updating his blog, well because there really hasn't been anything worth posting...

okok if you really must know the most exciting thing I did this week was...

you see that?? That my friends is the 1st dinner I've ever made, yeah 1st real dinner, all from scratch. Isn't that something?(btw that is curry rice)

If this typhoon passes quickly then tommrow I'll be giving 2 speeches in front of all the students. Let me tell you this, if you think learning vocabulary is hard in another language then try learning 300 names, man sometimes the kids will say their name and I forget it instantly.

sigh.... i'm bored here. I wish I had some non-educational tv channels, I wish I was in the city, but wait!!!

TOMMOROW= LANCER EVOLUTION II DAY bwahahahha I hope the car will be in good condition so I can buy it.

konnichiwa (o^-^)b

oh yeah, guys if there is anything you want to know/see please make a comment about it. I'll make sure to respond to it asap.
sumir,that is one delicious bowl of meal,and please no foul language on the side order or dessert . Uncle sam sure looks kool in japan,and make sure those japanese yen would not wash out in typhoon.( im sure they would not as they in home turf) mumsie
sumir, your table looks messy in that picture...i know you made your first meal and everything but how about u clean for the first time...anyways learn to make some good chicken by the time i come there ... ;)
So....they're paying you cash under the table? I'm telling the japanese IRS!!
Looks good. I am jealous.
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