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Monday, August 29, 2005

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution II and the First Day of Classes.

A lot has happened these past few days.

First let's talk about the more important things, ahmm by that of course I mean my car.

I first saw this particular car 3 weeks ago in a place called Naganohara. Mr. Joker(as in the picture down below) found it for me and it was a good price. When we arrived it was already 8pm but Hoshino-san was still up working on, to our surprise, his rally race car. Little did we know that Hoshino was in fact one of the top rally drivers in the Japan Rally Championship, and an Evolution(evo) fanatic. He was really shocked to see a gaijin like me to know so much about cars and was happy to stop his race-prep and talk with us. I only got to drive the car a little bit but by then I was pretty sure I would be buying this car.

Fast-forward to last Friday. Mr. Joker and I were scheduled to drive back up there for a true test drive, as Mr. Hoshino had finished the paperwork to make the car legal to drive. That morning, however, Hoshino called and told us he would over and save us the trip. That afternoon I test drove the car and the only words to describe the drive were, It's a beast.

For those that don't know the evo ii rs was the lightest of all the evolution models and in fact has an insanely high power/weight ratio. To put it into perspective it has more power than my s2000 and it weighs less. This is of course due to the massive turbocharger that the car comes with.

A car with a turbocharger is in reality like 2 different cars. If you want to go slow and take it easy you can, but if you give it some stick the car takes off like no other... needless to say we were all pretty scared the first time I floored the pedal.
ok enough yap about the car, here are more pics!!!

Now to the next big thing, it was the 1st day of class today!!!!

Let me tell you, I was really nervous as I didn't know how the kiddos would react to my lesson.
Thankfully, the kindergarten kids were fantastic as was the middle school 1st years. Those 3,4 and 5yo kids are like freaking ticks though. They grab a hold of you and will not let go. It was hard trying to move with 5 little kids holding on to your ankles giggling the whole time. not to mention how they all jumped me and then grabbed my wallet, cellphone, keys, and business cards then ran away screaming while throwing them ever which way. But they are so cute I couldn't help but forgive them.

ok for less important things, I did finally unpack all of my luggage after a full month of having them just sit in my living room.

That’s all for now

I want interior shots, and I want a shot of the front. And, a closeup of the rear and front wheels. And an engine bay shot. And I want sound clips of your car.
I want a skyline gt-r

sounds like you're having fun. did you already spend all your money on the car? oh and by the way, you and howard are totally nuts. I don't even ask for that many pictures of dogs. :)
yeah japan is good. I still miss America and college alot. Something about having all your friends living 10sec away from each other...

oh yeah, did i spend all my money on my car? no foo, I got a loan from America, which was accepted, then I was told I would have to close it in person(bs i know). BUT that's what good ol' pops is for! after buying the car still have a cool Gnote to hold me over until 9-25.
sumir-o lucky you get a car! guess what i get to ride in china? a bicycle!!!!
I'll believe you got a Lancer EvoII when I see you in driving the car in a pic.

Anyways, your blog has been a good read and your improving with every post. Gl sumir hope you have more fun. Btw I wana see the great GTO in class teaching.

That sounds like a cool name for a car. Is this car good or something? *is ignorant
okok we got the point

Sumir shall now be known to me as the GTB.
Hey, man, where's your pics of all the nihonjin hotties you've been pimping??
Dude Sumir how does one get a hold of you? Got a keitai yet? I'm on my third year in Shizuoka-ken. Why Gunma? Oops have to run. Catch you later.
hahah mel I can't believe you are still here!!!

also sumirb@ezweb.ne.jp
give me a ring

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