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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


8-1-05 1ST night in japan

Shinjuku street(aka the Lost in Translation street)

The view from the meeting room(the city goes well beyond the horizon)

Your host extrodinare lost in shinjuku gets the girl helping him find his way back to take a picture.

8-3-05 Off to Gunma!

Group B Gunma JETs nervously awaiting the start of the introduction cerimonies

Drinking party with Board of Education people and my pred.(L-R Old man Yuumoto, Mr Joker, Ann-Carrene)

This one is just for you Karen, this puppy at the tonkatsu shop where the drinking party was ran up and started stealing our food. That little punk.

8-4-05 1st Day of work
but 1st here are some picture of my house

You see that busy road? It's the reason why I wake up at 4am every day >=(

This is where I work, damn Azuma is a beautiful place =)

8-7-05 Azuma Summer Festival

Ahhh, ground golf, didn't I say Azuma is beautiful?

Ahh the prizes , you see that white wrapped gift? BM means biri maker(aka last place) and inside it is a bunch of trash bags.

Azuma festival before

...and Azuma Summer Festival after.

but in the end we were still able to see some sweet fireworks(fireworks in the mountains is a whole different experience guys, read RESONANCE)

8-8-05 - Present
ahhh Nissan Skyline GTR how much I wanted thee...

ehh I did get this sweet cell phone though

translation(alien registration card GET!!!!) you would be surprised how many more things I can do with this piece of plastic. But, I won't surprise ya.

Ok, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.



sumir azuma reminds you of back home like chattzee. Anyway we got to see japan through your eyes, imagine after living there in such beautiful place you have to teach.Take care ,mumsie.
sumir, haha, your mom is the greatest. anyway, missing your ass, i left nashville and your pictures really make me wanna visit now!!!
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