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Monday, August 01, 2005


Shinjuku tonight.

It's going to be crazy. More pictures to come.

I went to this place called kabuki-cho, which is the notorious part of Shinjuku. But, it wasn't dangerous at all. The worst part of kabuki-cho was being accosted by transvestites.

Karen, I did find a really cool pet store with a alot of puppies. I tried to take a picture of them but was thrown out of the store by the owner.

While wandering around kabuki-cho I ended up at a natsu matsuri(summer festival). It was really cool to see all the taiko drums and decorations.

Tonight(8-2-05) is my last night in Tokyo. I will head off to middle of nowhere Japan tommorow morning.


Good luck with middle of nowhere
So you picked up some tranvestites, huh? Sounds like fun. :) Thanks for trying to take pictures of puppies for me.
Oh yeah--I just found your lightning bolt cd in a box in my basement. whoops.
hahahhh, lightning bolt...i remember that concert...man it was loud...and wierd...
I was looking for that cd everywhere.

and btw no tranny`s for me thanks.

So when are you guys comming to visit?
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