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Monday, October 17, 2005

Today, today

Ah today turned out much better that I thought it would.
1st- I only got 3hrs of sleep thanks to someone in Nashville.
2nd- It is Monday, that means kindergarten, which in turn means 80 super hyper 3-5yo kids.

but thankfully today they were rather calm. They did not want to play "topple the teacher" and were happy to just color in some Halloween stuff. Before I went to kindergarten I was at the BoE and finally turned in my application for sat. television. So in just 2 weeks I will have real TV, none of this public free stuff that I have right now.

At the middle school I was treated to a great surprise. The JHS 2nd and 3rd year girls had cooking today and they had to choose a teacher to give their food to and whaddoyaknow? I had a nice home cooked meal ready and waiting for me when I arrived.

I was a bit suspicious that the food was poisoned or messed with at first because the girls would always peak into the teacher's lounge and see if I had tired it yet and then yell at me to hurry up and eat it.

The food was good, and if it was poisoned it was a good poison because I still feel great, but if you don't see anymore updates then you can be rest assured that the home-ec students succeeded in their plans :(.

To top it all off I got to leave work a nice 1/2 hour early.

ahh a great day indeed. Even with what happened in Nashville and the fact that it's been cloudy/rainy now for over 18 days can't bring me down.

And no none of you will ever know what really brought me down so don’t ask ;)

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Monday, October 10, 2005


Oh yeah forgot to mention, I made some cool friends on friday. After basketball we all went to the hotsprings to rest up then went to karaoke and ate good food. Crazy bunch they are, I thought most of them were still in highschool but they're all 19-21.

Fun times in Azuma.

Sunday I was supposed to head to Tokyo to see American Analogue Set and Her Space Holiday but the train never came. I'm not sure why, maybe due to bad weather. That did suck.

more next time.


wow, i just saw a fantastic movie on TV. It's a chineese film called "Beautiful(pretty?) Mother".
It's a sad story about a single mother trying to raise her mentally challenged son. The shots of urban china are fantastic as is the acting and the plot.

now you might be asking how was I able to understand a chineese movie? well, thankfully it was subtitled in japanese. Yeah 4 years of japanese plus 2 months of living here so far are what allowed me to understand it. but wow was it sad... yet it was good...

any know what the title is in chineese?

edit the 2nd
so it's called Piao liang ma ma with Gong Li as the leading actress, english title Breaking the Silence.

check it out if you can.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

random quotes

some funny quotes i've heard in japan

can you use chopsticks?

what does "f*** you" mean?(4th grader)

can you use chopsticks?

what's your type of woman?(3rd grader)

can you use chopsticks?

do you come from America every day?

can you use chopsticks?

what's your ideal breast size on a woman?(again by a 3rd grader)

can you use chopsticks?

do you know japanese?(asked in japanese)

can you use chopsticks?

yup so all the kids here are pervs and they think chopsticks don't exist outside of Asia(really i get asked this question almost every day)

and I wouldn't change living here for anything :)

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