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Monday, October 10, 2005


Oh yeah forgot to mention, I made some cool friends on friday. After basketball we all went to the hotsprings to rest up then went to karaoke and ate good food. Crazy bunch they are, I thought most of them were still in highschool but they're all 19-21.

Fun times in Azuma.

Sunday I was supposed to head to Tokyo to see American Analogue Set and Her Space Holiday but the train never came. I'm not sure why, maybe due to bad weather. That did suck.

more next time.


wow, i just saw a fantastic movie on TV. It's a chineese film called "Beautiful(pretty?) Mother".
It's a sad story about a single mother trying to raise her mentally challenged son. The shots of urban china are fantastic as is the acting and the plot.

now you might be asking how was I able to understand a chineese movie? well, thankfully it was subtitled in japanese. Yeah 4 years of japanese plus 2 months of living here so far are what allowed me to understand it. but wow was it sad... yet it was good...

any know what the title is in chineese?

edit the 2nd
so it's called Piao liang ma ma with Gong Li as the leading actress, english title Breaking the Silence.

check it out if you can.

sumir you should know by now that every movie made in china is depressing. Always sad endings and pessimmism to the core.
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