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Saturday, October 08, 2005

random quotes

some funny quotes i've heard in japan

can you use chopsticks?

what does "f*** you" mean?(4th grader)

can you use chopsticks?

what's your type of woman?(3rd grader)

can you use chopsticks?

do you come from America every day?

can you use chopsticks?

what's your ideal breast size on a woman?(again by a 3rd grader)

can you use chopsticks?

do you know japanese?(asked in japanese)

can you use chopsticks?

yup so all the kids here are pervs and they think chopsticks don't exist outside of Asia(really i get asked this question almost every day)

and I wouldn't change living here for anything :)

hey sumir- are you keeping it real? no doubt
Sumir, did you ever think that they're not all perverts--maybe they just think you look like one? :)
I'd have to agree with karen :-p

You'd Move if I gave you a SC cd-key for it!
WTF mate? A message, but no eprops....lame. Anyway, I haven't listened to Ladytron or the other one, but I just don't like the Sleater-Kinney album all that much. It's alright, but nothing to piss yourself over. I'm glad to know you still exist. Let me know if you plan on coming down to Kyushu anytime (and you should). I'm probably gonna travel around Japan during Christmas. Don't know if I'll be putting Gunma on the agenda though. Also, have you got Dustin's email? I sent an email to the Vandy address he used to use, but apparently that's no longer working.
dear bhanabhai,

permissiveness leads to pervertness. u shud respond by saying, what diff does it make as long as u morsel ends up into yr mouth and not ears?

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