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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

and so it begins...

let's continue this documentation from where we last left off.
I'll call this post the Halloween chronicles.

You see I had this ultimate dream of finding a mass of orange pumpkins for the 5th and 6th graders to carve up. I jumped the gun a bit as I had them already sketching out their designs before I knew where to even look. Needless to say, they were not waiting for me at the supermarket. So I turned for help to the Board of Education and man did they come in big time for me. The BoE contacted the Agriculture department of Azuma village which documents which farmers are growing what, and in no time

BAM PUMPKIN SAKUSEN SEIKO(pumpkin plan success)!!!

So now I had the pumpkins in had and all was well. Infact I decided to help out at the local english cramschool(aka juku)'s Halloween party.

me on the right

Ok so let's enjoy a pumpkin carving( the "let's enjoy a..." moniker is very popular here)

The 5th graders have their weapons of choice and are ready to shred pumpkins

and now some ramdom pics

Crazy 6th graders

hAHA EVEN the vice principal wants in

there are more pumpkins (total of 12 for 60 students) but it just takes too long to upload them all

and last but not least is Halloween at the yochien(kindergarten)

too... many... of them.... can't.... breath.... plz send help....

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Friday, November 11, 2005

ok so i'm a liar

ok so i lied about updating this thing "frequently". but then again did i really lie? my idea of frequent may be different than yours. chew on that one for a while.


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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

WOWthe 2nd

wow so I bet some of you are wondering where I have been these past 3 weeks. Well to cut to the chase I accidentally deleted my username/pw from the login of my internet connection. Now this wouldn't be a problem at all in America as a simple call to you ISP at anytime of the day will get you back on the interweb in no time. However, I keep on forgetting that I live in a 3rd world country masquerading itself as 1st world.

You see in Japan an ordeal like this can only be started by a phone call during the hours of 10-4 Monday-Thursday. After the phone call the mail you a form to request them to send you your username/ip to you. Now this form cannot be printed online and must be mailed(don't ask why I simply just don't know). After the form arrives and is PROPERLY filled out and sent to them they then mail you your new username and password.

I started this process back on the morning of Friday the 22nd of October and it has just now finished here on Wednesday at 11:57am. Wow man wow... that’s all I can say as Japan really is bogged down in inane customs.

Now since my last post a LOT of post-worthy things have occurred. I'll be updating very frequently until I am up to date.



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