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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

WOWthe 2nd

wow so I bet some of you are wondering where I have been these past 3 weeks. Well to cut to the chase I accidentally deleted my username/pw from the login of my internet connection. Now this wouldn't be a problem at all in America as a simple call to you ISP at anytime of the day will get you back on the interweb in no time. However, I keep on forgetting that I live in a 3rd world country masquerading itself as 1st world.

You see in Japan an ordeal like this can only be started by a phone call during the hours of 10-4 Monday-Thursday. After the phone call the mail you a form to request them to send you your username/ip to you. Now this form cannot be printed online and must be mailed(don't ask why I simply just don't know). After the form arrives and is PROPERLY filled out and sent to them they then mail you your new username and password.

I started this process back on the morning of Friday the 22nd of October and it has just now finished here on Wednesday at 11:57am. Wow man wow... that’s all I can say as Japan really is bogged down in inane customs.

Now since my last post a LOT of post-worthy things have occurred. I'll be updating very frequently until I am up to date.



Japanese ISP's pwn you and you know it.
Hey at least you freakin' have internet. I have to settle for school internet tues-fri. By the way, how the hell have you been? I've been rockin' it out in the Nash here. Well...and occasionally Tokyo. Get in touch man... my e-mail is ladyrebeccaw@yahoo.com and my cell here is 080-6568-5959
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