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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snowball Tournament (Yukigassen)

In a near by town every February they have a Snowball Tournament. I wanted to make a team of Americans for the Sunday Men's tourney but we couldn't get enough people together. I did get to help coach some of my elementary school kids in the kids tournament however. Check out how they make the snowballs!
You pile up a bunch of snow into that contraption, damp the top down with water, and then smash the top down onto the snow and in no time you get a nice snowball like this!
What you see is a really dense and heavy projectile of death (they really hurt when you get hit). The rounds are played like games of capture the flag paintball. They have barricades and pallets set up to help to hide behind and take ground. You can win the match by either having more players left when the time ends, grabbing the opponent’s flag, “killing” all of the opposing team, or (and this was a really tricky rule) by default if more than 4 members of the opposing team enter your half (only a max of 3 people at a time are allowed into the opposing side’s half).

That snowball really hurts so most of the kids were to scared to do any good suicide strategies ( have 3 attackers run in a line to grab the flag, since they are kids they are really bad a throwing so I had them try that strategy, but after the 1st time, which was successful, the ones that got hit didn’t want to do it again) So we had our two ace throwers take the single middle bunker and had 3 people ferry snowballs to them to keep the other team pinned. Then while occupied our smallest member (just under 4feet) would sneak in to grab the flag. It worked for 2 rounds, but then a lot of times 4 people would run for the flag when the enemy was low on people, and many times our runners would just forget to ferry snowballs. All in all it was good fun even though we lost.

Next year I’m going to make an All American Team and show them how to play!

snowballs of death!!!! man, i haven't had a good snowball fight in a long time.

it's been snowing on and off here in nashville but not enough to have a fight. stay warm! perhaps you will get that all american team next year. ^^
Valiant effort General Brahmbhatt! Your strategizing would have made Tojo very proud.
update~! Onegaishimasu!
How about an update? How's the Evo doing?
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