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Monday, March 27, 2006

Oh the Humanity T___T

My it's been a while hasn't it.
So since I have arrived in Azuma I've patiently endured using ISDN. At the beginning they told me, "March 1st!", which changed to "March 20th" and is now "March 31st".

Okay, March 31st, that only this Friday right? I can wait until then. That is until my laptop broke. Wow, right before I was to get my broadband connection my laptop breaks. I'm sure its the hard drive so today I'm going to look for a computer store and buy a cheap small one for testing.

I've got a ton of pictures I've been saving for after broadband but right now I'm too depressed to deal with this blog.


edit: The new hard drive worked but I just realized, i lost all of my pictures T___T .

calm down, Sumir~! The internet is not everything! Come over to Tokyo anytime:-)
It's everything when you live in INAKA ;) but things are ok as I fixed it.
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