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Saturday, April 08, 2006

fiber optic

meh, So I have highspeed now. It's very very fast but I guess after living with ISDN for 8months I just became used to it.

Other than that, my village is no more. We merged with a neighbouring town so now I teach at 2 schools. The new school is great, they have a basketball team which I will help coach 3 days a week.

All my pictures are gone from Japan. Everything up to November. I have stuff from 11-3-05 I'll put them on the net maybe tomorrow and caption them all for you to look at.

Other then that, I wish I could get my car fixed >____< .

Congratulations! I hope you will have more fun in the countryside, Azuma!! I will have a lot of pictures of you visiting me in Tokyo etc. I will give you all of them.
Did you break your car trying to DRIFTO?
Haha, yeah kinda of. I was driving in the snow and did an unintentional DORIFUTO!!!
better get your PC going so you can join me and zhe on SC. We are pwning newbs all over Bnet.
Wtf mate? Where are the updates?
Wtf mate? Where are the updates?
stop with the double posting!!
i'm busy with things kk?
things worth being busy for ;)
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